Kite Camp Pro coaching in Brazil – Gostoso – 2013

Brazil – Gostoso – 2013 -

Our first camp in Brazil was a huge success and is now over. Over the course of 2 weeks we had attendees from Finland, France, Venezuela, Brazil and the UK. We had an amazing time and will be returning next year so head over to the camp page for next year for more information. For those that would like to see some images from the camp and have not been following us on Facebook, there is a selection below or head over to the Facebook page for more. To find out what the clients thought, here is a selection of testimonials we received:

It is full of good memories that I come home from Camp Pro Kite Brazil. The warm welcome from the team, their availability and their enthusiasm helped me advance full of confidence. I am very proud of my progress and delighted to have met so many wonderful people during my stay.

I was very happy with the kite camp with every single aspect I can think of. First of all, everything was well organized from the pre-trip preparations to accommodation, lessons and other activities during the trip, which gave a very professional impression. They also help you out with finding new gear that fit your needs which I found to be priceless. Secondly, I feel that I definitely met and exceeded my goals and expectations in terms of progression. During the lessons, Sophie, Celine and Marcus provided continuous feedback as they watched from the beach in addition to showing how to do things when needed. Thirdly, the spot is beautiful and reliably windy, choppy as high tides come in but pretty flat otherwise, ensuring that you get the most out of your time there. The accommodation at Pousada Albergue Da Jangada is not only conveniently located right next to the beach, it’s also very relaxed with excellent service and people that make you feel like home away from home. Last but not least, the Kite Camp Pro team is great and they really made my trip memorable. I had a blast at Kite Camp Pro and would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Sophie and Celine are two very complementary coaches who will motivate you and put you at ease to help you achieve your goals through valuable technical advice and practical. Always smiling and in good mood! Sao Miguel is a small paradise where serenity reigns and good atmosphere with friendly and hospitable people. And finally Marcus, photographer, cook, technician, coach, kite councillor … outstanding! In short, a beautiful experience that made me want to come back!

Brazil – Gostoso – 2013



No kiting destination list would be complete without Brazil. While many may choose the popular spot of Cumbuco and the surrounding areas we have gone for São Miguel do Gostoso as it is one of the newer secrets of Brazil, untouched by mass tourism and offering the same consistent winds but at slightly less intimidating power. We offer a spot where you will not feel crowded and intimidated by everyone fighting for space in the same lagoons, instead you will find the space the practice and improve your kiting. This will allow you to get the maximum benefit from our friendly and experienced coaches, both pro riders and IKO qualified instructors working with you to push your riding and goals at a level and pace that you are comfortable with.

Booking Info & Reservations

The Spot

Sao Miguel do Gostoso is a fishermen’s village located in the north-east of Brazil on the shore of Rio Grande do Norte state, 110 Km north of its capital, Natal and 1hr 15mins from Natal Airport (NAT). The spot is one of the windiest areas of the planet, thanks to a costant trade wind together with special thermic effects and due to its location on the “esquina do continente” (corner of the continent). The fantastic bay shaped by the cape is the perfect scenario for what is considered to be one of the best all-round spots in Brazil’s northeast. The huge flat water area enables beginners to progress with confidence, whilst a sandy reef with perfect rolling waves approximately 600 meters from the coast provides fun for intermediate and advanced riders. Wind direction is E-SE, side-off shore starboard tack (wind from the right), averaging 18 to 25 knts. Most commonly used kites are 7m to 11m and the water is 28°C so you can leave your wetsuit at home.


We at Kite Camp Pro understand that accommodation can make or break your holiday, so we have taken special care in choosing the lovely “Albergue Da Jangada” which is newly constructed to the highest quality with lovely rooms made of wood with natural ventilation. It sits directly on the spot and you will be comfortable and with spectacular views of the sea and the lagoon. The rooms have a private balcony with a hammock and wifi. A great breakfast including breads, cakes, cheese, seasonal fruits and other delicacies of regional cuisine are just some of the items offered to the guests seeking flavour and balance. They also have 2 “Presidential” rooms which are available on a first come first served basis (for a small additional fee) to those that are interested.

What's Included

  • Transfers to and from Natal Airport
  • 7 nights bed and breakfast at “Albergue Da Jangada” in a double room shared with one other (single rooms and room upgrades are available)
  • Daily healthy light lunch on the spot
  • 6 days full coaching with Celine Rodenas and Sofi Chevalier
  • Video analysis and personal progression goals
  • Regular 1 on 1 feedback sessions off the water to analyse problems and progress
  • Downwinder and trip to nearby spot as a group

What's Not Included

  • Flights (approx 700€ – 900€)
  • Dinner
  • Kiting equipment (please see the Extras if you would like to purchase equipment)
  • Professional photo-shoot (more info in the FAQ)
  • Holiday insurance (more info in the FAQ)

Flight Information

We understand that flights can have a huge difference on the cost of your camp so as always we recommend you book your flight AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Flights from Europe are with either TAP from Lisbon Portugal or Lufthansa from Frankfurt with connections to all major european cities. We estimate flights to cost from €700 – €900 ..of course the sooner you book the better. We are more than happy to assist you in searching for flights or you can use the handy widget below.

Local Information

Brazil has a reciprocal visa system, so if your home country requires Brazilian nationals to secure a visa, then you will need one to enter Brazil. At the time of writing, American, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand citizens need visas, but citizens of the UK, France, Ireland and most other EU countries as well as South Africa do not. Check with the Brazilian embassy or consulate in your home country. If you are unsure please let us know and we will research on your behalf. There are also no specific vaccination requirements, however like all tropical destinations we would recommend you bring with you some form of mosquito repellant and if you are particularly sensitive to mosquito bites, so light longer trousers for the evenings. Brazil’s currency is the real (often written R$); the plural is reais. One real is made up of 100 centavos. 1R$ is equivalent to approximately 0.35€/$0.45US / £0.30. We recommend changing your money BEFORE travelling as this allows you to do so in the security of your own country with no stress or uncompetitive rates of having to do so at arrival in the airport. We also recommend taking smaller sized bills and not keeping all of your money in one place in your bags.

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