F-ONE is a French company specialising in the production and distribution of kitesurf and stand-up paddle equipment.

Created in 1989 by Raphaël Salles; the company has continually evolved in the pursuit of development. For 20 years this former professional windsurfer has been designing and developing kitesurfing equipment. F-ONE was notably the first company to make a series production board for kitesurfing. Being one of the pioneers of this sport in France and worldwide and with his experience with water-sports also pushed him towards the production of stand-up paddle equipment, a complementary sport to kitesurfing.

Their core difference lies in fact that Raphael Salles still spends 150 days a year testing their designs. There is not a single F-ONE board or a kite that hasn’t been thoroughly tested by him. This commitment is essential to him in order to provide the best products to his customers. Always looking for the next improvement, the research and development is one of the main aspects of the company and definitely makes F-ONE different from the other brands.

Their goal is to answer the demand of all those passionate about water-sports by proposing improved products each year and using constant innovation to ensure high quality, safety, comfort, power and manoeuvrability.

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