Kite Camp Pro coaching in Zanzibar – Paje – 2015

Zanzibar – Paje – 2015 - Booking now open

Zanzibar – Paje – 2015

31 Jan-7 Feb / 7-14 Feb 2015



When you close your eyes and dream of kiting paradise you imagine white sandy beaches, huge flat turquoise shallow lagoons, epic downwinders and reef sessions on clean breaking waves. You are thinking of  Paje, Zanzibar.

The coast of Zanzibar is building its reputation as the paradise world class kiting spot but still keeps a special air of being somewhere new and undiscovered.

No one knows this spot better than we do, having lived here for four and a half years, taught here at a number of schools and helped build up Paje By Kite into the number one centre on the island, there is no-one better to show you all the magic that is Zanzibar and make sure you get the most from your time on the island.

Booking Info & Reservations

The Spot

On the spot we have two massive lagoons which vary in conditions in the tides, with flat water on both lagoons on low to middle tides, and beach kickers at high tides. Neap tides leave us flat water ALL day. There is a reef 1.8km away from the beach offering clean 2-5 metre waves which offer a great place to get strapless or get on the twin tip and play, enjoying epic downwinders along the reef, down the coast and out to exotic locations such as the otherwise off limits island of Mnemba.

There are numerous trips on offer to kite on various secret lagoons and sandbars around the island, but to be honest Paje is the place to be, where great days can be closed off with a downwinder to a restaurant 20km down the coast with your friends, or a quick taxi and then downwinder back home to finish at the bar with a beer or cocktail.

The location offers everything for the intermediate to advanced kiters wishing to expand their trick repertoire and in the words of Jeremie Tronet and Linn Svendsen who shot one of their travel series here and spent a month with us, the biggest and best lagoon they have ever seen for beginners and perfecting your tricks.

We will be based out of the Paje By Kite centre which is on the spot and part of the hotel. They offer a rescue service, SUP and surf rental, a fully stocked shop with equipment, clothes and accessories, chill-out areas and much more.


Although there are many accommodation options available and some may have more ‘castaway’ feel with huts on the beach, you can choose ‘the place to be’ in Paje which is Paje By Night.

Everything starts and ends here in Paje, With the famous Paje By Kite centre based in the hotel grounds, storage lockers for your equipment within the hotel, free wi-fi, the most biggest menu for miles around, a pool to relax in when not on the beach, a bar and restaurant open until late, the meeting place and hang out regardless of where you stay and only a few steps to your room when you want. We would be doing you a diservice if we put you anywhere else.

The Standard Bungalows consist of a double bedroom [with twin beds] with wardrobe, desk and bathroom and hot shower.

The room’s floor is wooden while the bath and the shower are tiled. There is a mosquito net hanging from the ceiling which can be closed at night and bedside tables and lamps. During the day, it can remain completely open for an easier the daytime use of spaces.

These bungalows are not equipped with air conditioning and the windows have no glass in order to let the breeze come in. All of them have window-frames equipped with mosquito nets and ceiling fan. The windows are not huge and there is not a lot of natural light which helps keep the rooms naturally cool in the heat.

What's Included

  • Transfers to and from Zanzibar Airport
  • 7 nights bed and breakfast at “Paje By Night” in a standard double room shared with one other (single rooms and room upgrades are available)
  • Full use of all Paje By Night facilities including swimming pool & restaurant/bar tab that can be paid by credit card
  • 6 days full coaching (4 hours/day)
  • Video analysis and personal progression goals
  • Regular 1 on 1 feedback sessions off the water to analyse problems and progress
  • Downwinders as a group as desired (we recommend downwinders in Zanzibar as they are some of the best in the world, so will be more than happy to do so with those who wish).

What's Not Included

  • Flights (approx 600€ – 900€)
  • Lunch & Dinner
  • Kiting equipment (please see the Extras if you would like to purchase equipment – rental is also available on all equipment from Paje By Kite by the hour, and they have a range of F-ONE kites and boards as well as other brands)
  • Professional photo-shoot (more info in the FAQ)
  • Holiday insurance (more info in the FAQ)

Flight Information

There are many different ways to get to Zanzibar although we would recommend flying directly to Zanzibar to avoid having to take an additional plane or ferry from Dar-Es-Salaam if possible.

The most popular airlines are Kenya AirwaysOman AirFly Ethiopian ..although there are more depending on your country of departure. There is also Jet Air Fly which flies direct from Brussels and has been known to have some amazing deals, plus a number of other smaller charter companies doing the same thing.

We are more than happy to help and advise you with flights have done the trip many many times. Again as with all flights, the earlier the better, at the time of writing this we just say flights on Jet Air Fly for €499!!

Local Information

Zanzibar requires a visa which can be purchased for $50 upon arrival. You can organise it in your own country beforehand but we do not recommend it as it will take time and EVERYONE buys the visa when they land. Just make sure you have $50US with you for each person when arriving.

The only vacine which is required in the Yellow Fever vacine. You MUST have this. they do not always check, but have been known to check upon arrival so please make sure you have the little yellow card with you that shows you have had it.

You doctor will tell you to take Malaria pills, and whilst many people do, we do not, and whilst we do not advocate going against doctors advise we can only tell you that the risk of Malaria in Paje is almost non-existent and in four and a half years of being there we have never known anyone to have it. It is also worth noting that in the case of suspected malaria we would call the local doctor who would give you an instant pin prick test and if you did have malaria he would have the medicine at a fraction of the cost you would pay in Europe. (Please note this is personal advice from experience – use it at your own risk).

What we do recommend you bring with you is a good anti-bacterial soap, plasters, bandages and things to clean cuts, and of course some anti-mosquito spray.

The currency in Zanzibar is the Tanzanian Schilling (TSH) and 1€ = 2200TSH / £1 = 2500TSH / $1 = 1600. You cannot buy TSH outside of Tanzania so it is impossible to buy them in advance, but as USD$ are also accepted we recommend you bring with you approx. $100-200 in small dollar notes (5/10/20’s) as this will always help you out, however paying in TSH will get you a better deal always.

To get TSH the easiest way is from an ATM machine. These are all secured within banks and guarded so there is no security risk, however they are only available in town (1.5 hours away) so we always take cash when we arrive which lasts us for a couple of weeks at which point we go back to town to sightsee and take cash. Remember to ask your driver to take you to an ATM when you arrive.

We could write a book on Zanzibar but we will save that for now, except to say, you are in Africa, things are done differently here, with less urgency, less stress, Hakuna Matata style but always with a smile.


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