What is Kite Camp Pro?

Kite Camp Pro are professional kite camps designed to help you improve your riding under the training of Sofi Chevalier and Marcus Graichen, allowing you to feel comfortable in your environment and with your coaches, helping you to progress and reach your goals.

The focus is on quality of service with everything being orientated to providing you a stress free environment to progress, from accommodation location and quality to healthy food and availability of wifi.

Sofi is a qualified and experienced sports teachers as well as qualified IKO instructor and of course F-ONE rider. After running a number of training camps alone and with others she formed together with professional web and business entrepreneur Marcus Graichen with the backing of their main sponsor F-ONE Kiteboarding to create Kite Camp Pro which focuses primarily on the quality of the service, training and the training environment above all else.

This quality of service can be seen in the dedicated coaching style as your coaches are not there for themselves with you as an extra, but instead on the sidelines constantly monitoring and coaching YOU with daily de-briefs, video analysis and personal goals.

Off the water the service continues as we strive to only hold camps at spots where we have an intricate knowledge allowing us to offer the best in accommodation at the best prices.

We also strive to offer you the best in equipment and will be able to organise both kites and boards plus the luggage to transport them in style from our partners as part of your booking.

So whether you want to make your first jumps, your first rotations or are ready to un-hook and start progressing to more advanced tricks, these is the camps to do it.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get on touch with our team who will be more than happy to answer any of your queries.

The Team

  • Sofi Chevalier

    From a background as a sports teacher to her current role as F-One rider, Coach, Magazine Editor and Mother, Sofi is here to help you get the most out of your training time .

  • Marcus Graichen

    Marcus (mog) is the technical side of the business making sure everything works and that you have everything you need. He also doubles as a handy freestyle coach too.


Our Partners