Kite Camp Pro coaching in Brazil Flat Water Camp – Parajuru – 2018

Brazil Flat Water Camp – Parajuru – 2018

27 Oct - 3 Nov / 3 - 10 Nov 2018

€2100 - €2300

Camp Completed


For 2018 we are building upon our hugely successful and sold out Flat Water kite camp in Parajuru in 2017. We have listened to what you most want from your kite camp and have put together 2 awesome packages to give you the experience if a lifetime with us.

The Flat Water camp in Parajuru has been carefully chosen to provide some of the butter flat lagoon experiences you read and see in Brazil video and articles, but without the crowds of pro riders or stagnant water.

The spot we have chosen is an open lagoon providing 3-4 hours a day of very flat water with the added bonus of a sand bank with waves for those that want them.

We have also chosen accommodation to suit different needs and the cost of the camp reflects this from sharing a room in an eco lodge to a single room in a luxury house. Please contact us to discuss the accommodation and pricing options further.

Booking Info & Reservations

The Spot

The lagoon is fed by a river mouth and empties and opens into the sea which ensures clean water and a guarantee of a sufficient level of water and size of lagoon compared to so many of the other lagoons which are getting smaller and smaller with decreased rainfall.

You will have your flat water AND your space with the guaranteed and constant Brazilian winds.

The wind is not a fiercely strong as the more northerly spots being you will be able to use a range of your kites but mostly on mid sized and larger kites rather than overpowered on small kites all the time. This will give you the chance to progress and ride in confidence and security rather than constantly flying by the seat of your pants.

This spot is still one of the virtually undiscovered gems of Brazil and we have extensively researched to bring it to you as part of our camps. We are not going to say much more about the spot because the pictures and video really say it all.


This year we have put on 2 accommodation options to suit different styles and budgets, but each offering the highest quality and comfort.

We will be staying on the spot in the newly constructed pousada attached to the kite centre allowing clients the comfort and convenience of being only 50m from their rooms and giving us the added use of the pool whenever we want.

Pousada Mare Alta

At the Pousada Maré Alta, you’ll stay in a completely new garden area with a pool, right on the KBC Parajuru kite beach. The pool is very child-friendly with its flat non-swimmer area.

The chill and stretching lounge, which has weights and sports equipment, is located in a covered area. You can also play billiards, table tennis, table football or relax on the sofa and watch TV. A buffet-style breakfast is served at the Maré Alta bar at the Kite Centre, where you’ll enjoy an espresso/latte macchiato, hot chocolate, juices, local seasonal fruits, cakes, warm dishes and daily specials.

What's Included

  • Transfers to and from Fortaleza Airport
  • 7 nights bed and breakfast at “Pousada Mare Alta”.
  • 6 days full coaching (2 hours in the morning, and 2 hours in the afternoon).
  • Kite centre storage and facilities
  • Video analysis and personal progression goals
  • Regular 1 on 1 feedback sessions off the water to analyse problems and progress
  • Downwinder and trip to nearby spot as a group
  • Buggies for the group (3 or 4 depending on how often we break them).

What's Not Included

  • Flights (approx 700€ – 900€)
  • Lunch and dinner.
  • Kiting equipment (please see the Extras if you would like to purchase equipment)
  • Professional photo-shoot (more info in the FAQ)
  • Holiday insurance (more info in the FAQ)

Flight Information

We understand that flights can have a huge difference on the cost of your camp so as always we recommend you book your flight AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Flights from Europe are with either TAP from Lisbon Portugal or Lufthansa from Frankfurt with connections to all major european cities. We estimate flights to cost from €700 – €900 ..of course the sooner you book the better.

We are more than happy to assist you in searching for flights or you can use the handy widget below.

Local Information


Brazil has a reciprocal visa system, so if your home country requires Brazilian nationals to secure a visa, then you will need one to enter Brazil. At the time of writing, American, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand citizens need visas, but citizens of the UK, France, Ireland and most other EU countries as well as South Africa do not. Check with the Brazilian embassy or consulate in your home country.

If you are unsure please let us know and we will research on your behalf.

There are also no specific vaccination requirements, however like all tropical destinations we would recommend you bring with you some form of mosquito repellant and if you are particularly sensitive to mosquito bites, so light longer trousers for the evenings.

Brazil’s currency is the real (often written R$); the plural is reais. One real is made up of 100 centavos.
1R$ is equivalent to approximately 0.35€/$0.45US / £0.30.

We recommend changing your money BEFORE travelling as this allows you to do so in the security of your own country with no stress or uncompetitive rates of having to do so at arrival in the airport. We also recommend taking smaller sized bills and not keeping all of your money in one place in your bags.


Parajuru, a famous fishermen village, is located at about 124 km / 77 mi southeast of Fortaleza in the state of Ceara, Brazil.

The area is known for eco-tourism, thanks to its natural setting, which renders it a paradise for the fans of kite surfing, the best flat water spot in Ceara.

Parajuru offers clean beaches and un unusual marine beauty. With warm temperatures at about 30 °C / 86 °F, lukewarm water type and onshore or sideshore winds, all kite surfing lovers will enjoy this activity in safe conditions.

From July to January wind blows almost every day with 17 to 25 knots. Rarely and only for a few hours the wind exceeds 30 knots. Kiters ride with 11 m (80 kg rider) and occasionally a larger kite or an 7m or 9m on stronger days. For girls, 8m and 10m are perfect.

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