Marcus Graichen


Marcus, or mog as he is more commonly known, is the technical side of the business, from websites to social media, to marketing, to photography, to just making sure everything works, …or fixing it when it’s broken.

He is also an accomplished freestyle coach with experience in teaching as far reached as university lecturing and working with disabled children. So although he doesn’t possess any formal qualifications (in anything) he more than makes up for it in experience and patience.

From the UK originally, but having lived 4 years in Zanzibar where he helped build and develop the media impact of Paje By Kite, and currently living in France, he is here to make sure that you are always online wherever possible and that, if you wish, you can take home some amazing shots from your time on the camp, if you decide to make a private photo-shoot with him.

In the meantime you will find him behind his computer answering your questions, and dealing with any issues and requests that you might have.